My name is Jimmy. I exist. I play guitar and sing in the bands Strange News From Another Star and Future Of The Left. People like meeting me in pubs. I'm cool with that. I wish I had more time to moisturise and listen to Supergrass. My favourite astronaut is Pete Conrad.

(The one where jack put a fruit bowl on his head)

Day 5: Brussels

Last gig on this European jaunt. We’re playing in a part of Brussels where there has recently been racial riots between twats and the police. Before knowing this I walked around in double denim and played football with some young Muslim boys. Adam Walton says I might have brought peace to the area. I doubt it. I probably just confused them with my terrible ball control and my naturally fluent swearing. At one point I even pushed one of the boys into a parked Halal meat van.

The venue itself is lovely. Security is pretty tight, as is expected following the ‘stone throwing’. (I Googled the riots and a Belgian website described them as a few nights of ‘stone throwing.’ It also rather bizarrely reported that ‘Friday night’s stone throwing led to less damage than on Thursday.’) As a result of several doors being locked off (to prevent the hurling of stones between soundmen and the lighting crew I assume) we have to navigate a series of underground corridors to get from the stage area to the backstage area for red bull (or any other hallucinogenic energy drink) and cheese.

Show goes and shows go.

We really are fucking tight and monstrous at the moment. Some crowds clap and cheer more than others. The songs that seem to go down really well off the new record are: ALL OF THEM! The record is released in less than a weeks time and after every show we play I become more and more convinced that we’ve made something truly wonderful.

(It’s late. It’s 2am and tomorrow we’re heading back to the UK for a run of gigs there. I’m tired. My brain feels flat. I’m sat on my bed in my pants. Everyone [Gordon, Dan, Adam Walton, Falco, Julia and Jack] are having a post gig drink. I’m going to get some sleep. I really only wrote this tonight because I promised myself I’d get something down on paper every day [internet permitting. Sobriety permitting. Heart burn permitting.])

Here are some pictures from the day. (Pure filler)


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